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Within the healthcare environment there is a demonstrable need for hospitals to actively seek out patient feedback in order to meet the challenges of enhancing patient experience.

A deeper understanding of how patients view the care they receive is essential to the goal of service improvement, making the collection of patient feedback a crucial measure for healthcare providers. Providing a real-time, software based solution is an ideal method of generating useable and timely data to support operational improvements.   

The Hospedia system is uniquely placed to deliver an interactive, electronic Real-Time Patient Feedback (RTPF) service; utilising the power of existing point of care systems directly at the patient bedside and providing a method of feedback entry that is available to patients at any time during their hospital stay, 24/7/365. 

Validated by Picker Institute Europe, RTPF generates high response rates, unbiased data and a respondent profile that includes traditionally hard-to-reach demographics such as young and ethnically-diverse patients

Surveys can be added, adjusted and removed at any time, providing complete flexibility and allowing hospitals to focus on the topics that matter, at the time they are relevant; whether those are long-term objectives or short-term issues. 

Real Time Patient Feedback puts patient feedback capture right where it is most valuable, at the heart of the patient environment and in the hands of the patient.

Business Case

  • Patient experience improvements valued at £100k per annum
  • Supporting wider service change worth £150k per annum
  • Low capital investment - the incremental cost of providing a service through an already existing bedside platform is minimal
  •  Free from the loss, theft and maintenance issues associated with handheld devices


    • Robust evidence base – reduces staff influences and selection bias and eliminates data entry errors
    • High response rates, low bias and real-time data aggregation
    • Improved patient demographics with higher response rates from males and ethnic groups than other methodologies
    • Real-time data collection and reporting supports operational improvements
    • 24/7 availability, putting the patient in control 

    From the Bedside From the Bedside From the Bedside

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