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InPatient Flow Manager

With the scale of financial and productivity targets affecting healthcare providers, increasing efficiencies in current processes can support patient care improvements as well as streamlining clinical workflows. 

By utilising the power of IT systems, hospitals can save money, improve patient care and release staff time. InPatient Flow Manager (IPFM) is the UK's first 3rd-generation patient flow solution, that supports clinical best practice through electronic whiteboards and desktop applications, monitoring patient flow and bed availability in real time.

The fact that IPFM is 3rd generation means it is a fully integrated solution, providing a comprehensive toolkit to manage patient care and helping to manage the patient journey from pre-admission to post-discharge. 

IPFM saves time and improves accuracy; optimising patient journeys, delivering economical benefits, and improving patient experience through the electronic collection and delivery of patient information. Staff can update and share information regarding the location of a patient, their needs, referrals and discharge status, at any time, in real time. 

Providing auditable and accurate data regarding patient locations, as well as bed status information, IPFM supports hospitals in improving operational responses to infection outbreak. Tracing patient movements and identifying points of contact quickly reduces the time between outbreak and the implementation of effective isolation.  

IPFM provides bi-directional integration with existing clinical systems, and supports HL7 and many other healthcare standards, allowing the information captured by the service to be shared throughout the hospital as needed.   

IPFM puts IT at the heart of the hospital environment, supporting front line staff in day to day activities while improving overall clinical workflows and bed management. 

Business Case
  • £4.3m worth of annual savings through reducing length of stay
  • Clinical efficiencies worth £170k per annum
  • £840k annual benefits from the prevention of hospital infections
  • Patient experience improvements through reduced length of stay
  • Integration with the patient’s bedside device to provide data capture at the point of care
  • Improved care quality through effective patient flow
  • Data captured provides operational insights to support performance improvements

InPatient Flow Manager InPatient Flow Manager InPatient Flow Manager

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