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As the world’s leading provider of point of care systems in healthcare, Hospedia are driving clinical and management efficiency through a range of value added services for healthcare providers.

Our solutions are designed to help hospitals make the most of strategic IT programmes, clinical improvement initiatives and patient experience ambitions, and they’ve been validated by Deloitte to deliver up to £6m savings per year for an average hospital.

Patient Media, Patient Engagement and Clinical Workflows are all delivered through the point of care system, enabling operational efficiencies alongside the significant financial benefits.

Patient Media is delivered through the Hospedia T3 bedside system. It is always on, always powered and always securely networked, and most importantly is multi-purpose, driving down the investment needed to provide increased access to IT at the point of care.

Patient Engagement services, from patient feedback and educational materials to electronic meal ordering, help patients get the most out of the bedside system.

Clinical Workflows benefit clinical staff and hospital management. Patient Flow Management supports clinical best practice; monitoring patient flow and bed availability in real time and helping to reduce length of stay. Clinical Access puts clinical IT at the heart of the patient environment, promoting paperless initiatives and reducing workload, and the new Vital Signs & Nursing Assessments solution supports effective and efficient electronic observations capture and recording.

Over and above these core products, we continue to innovate - with work streams including hospital information portals and translation services. 

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We are always interested in working with Hospitals, or other third parties to develop new and innovative services. To join in and make the patient experience far better, please contact us:


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